The Amelia Mae Foundation's mission is to support families affected by Neuroblastoma, whilst publicly raising awareness of the condition.

Introducing our new holiday home

Since the launch of the foundation in 2013, one of our main aims has been to provide a holiday home, to allow for families affected by Neuroblastoma to take time out from their day to day lives and make ever lasting memories.

As we enter our 10th anniversary year, we are extremely proud to have achieved that goal and we are so happy that you could be lucky enough to secure your time at our home.

Outside holiday home Wintry Mountain Landscape
Mountains in the Clouds Boat on Calm Water
Waves at Sea Yosemite National Park

Amelia-Mae Davies
Amelia-Mae Davies

The Amelia-Mae Foundation

Amelia-Mae, a beautiful, compassionate and lively two year old; loving the colour pink and all things girlie, was struck with the devastating diagnosis of Neuroblastoma stage 4 in September 2012.

Despite her amazing fight, will and courage, Amelia-Mae unfortunately passed away in July 2013. She touched the hearts of the nation with her big blue eyes and lovable nature, therefore the Amelia-Mae foundation has been founded in her memory.
We strive to support families; creating laughter, smiles and empowerment during the strenuous battle which neuroblastoma causes.