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The Team

Although there are some people who work behind the scenes keeping the Amelia-Mae foundation ticking over. We strongly believe that the team is made up of the whole Amelia-Mae foundation family that help us keep the charity going. Here is a short video giving just a glimpse of our team.

John Murray (Chair)
Charity Chair
John Murray, Chair of Trustees - Amelia-Mae’s cousin and one of the founding members of the charity.
John is a serving WO1 in the Royal Navy and a keen runner, climber, trekker and one of our main fundraisers.
Andy Bowie (Deputy Chair)
Charity Deputy Chair

Andy has been part of the Foundation since 2016. Delivering a role as Head of Professional Services in his primary job.

Andy is able to bring to the charity organisational, technical and professional skills to help in our growth, as well as holding substantive fundraising events.

Angela Davies (Family Liaison)
Family Liaison Lead
Angie Davies is Amelia-Mae’s Mummy and our lead for families liaison team. She works 24/7 providing emotional support and feeds back to the trustees and committee the needs of all our Neuroblastoma families.
Mark Ellison (Trustee)
Mark Ellison (Trustee)
Mark Ellison is one of our original trustees who has been one of our fundraisers and policy decision makers. Mark is also the cousin of Amelia-Mae.
David Gamble (Trustee)
David Gamble (Trustee)
David Gamble is a catholic priest who has been a supporter of the charity for some years. He was asked to become a trustee in 2019 and assists Angie as a family liaison team member and assists in agreeing all policies.
Sam White (Trustee)
Sam White (Trustee)
Samantha White is our first paid employee on a part time basis. She has always been an avid supporter of the charity and helps the daily running of the charity by managing administrative matters such as formal letter writing and accounting.